We can fix it with our basement waterproofing services in Doylestown & Bensalem, PA and service a 25 mile radius

Have a Water Problem in Your Basement?

Basements can be a constant source of trouble for homeowners. Water can penetrate it in all kinds of ways, either via rain or a faulty sump pump. Paul Krut General Contractor tackles basement waterproofing jobs in Doylestown & Bensalem, PA and service a 25 mile radius. We'll find a way to keep water out and prevent mold growth.

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Finding the cause of your flooding

One of the first steps of protecting your basement is locating the source of your flooding. We find that water can get into a basement if the:

  • Interior and exterior walls lack a rubber membrane
  • Sump pump malfunctions or isn't installed properly
  • Basement floor has no protection beneath the slab to manage hydrostatic pressure

We'll find and fix your flooding issue, and we'll handle auxiliary problems like foundation crack repairs. We also provide crawl space encapsulation services and mold and mildew solutions. Schedule your foundation crack repairs now.